Ch1 L1: The most fundamental question of all time

Exercise 1:

  1. Think about the people who had a near-death experience and how their values have changed ever since.
  2. We discussed that whatever we do is an attempt to push Death at least one step away. So, try to relate fun things such as playing games to death. Are they related at all?
  3. Think about afterlife and the absence of death. Why would you need to eat, drink or have sex if you’re immortal? On the other hand, why would you suffer in hell, if you’re not gonna die?
  4. Try to relate the main themes of the Hollywood movies (enemies, energy crisis and making dreams come true) to the ideas developed in this lesson.
  5. Think about those who suffer from cleaning obsessive compulsive disorder and their inability to set realistic expectations.
  6. What is the main problem of perfectionism?