CH1 L9: Supersign and the limited working memory

Exercise 9:

1. Think about other real-life examples of grouping things to process them more quickly. I’m gonna give you one more example: credit cards.


2. I recommend you to play the game “Einstein’s challenge”. When you start a game, you will see 4 bubbles with numbers inside. Your goal will be to remember their positions. After several seconds numbers will be hidden and you will have to tap these bubbles according to numbers inside them (from lowest to highest). If you succeed, you will go to next level, with more bubbles. If you make a mistake, next time the numbers of bubbles will be decreased by one. You will have 3 attempts. After third mistake test will finish and your result will be presented as a percentage of the expected result of Albert Einstein [15]. The technique you can use to beat Einstein [16] is instead of memorizing numbers, you should memorize paths, like in constellations.


3. If you’re a student, try to implement this technique in your studying. Connect the topics to make one meaningful unit.