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Ch1 L14: The hierarchy of meanings

In the last post, we opened up the discussion about supersigns as the building blocks of meanings [1] which enable us to show intelligent reactions to our environment and are created before concepts. Example 10: A new-born baby calms down faster when it smells her mom’s scent even coming from a blanket. This simple action signifies that the scent of […]

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CH1 L13: Language and meaning

In the last post, we discovered how a brain can create concepts and hierarchically make them more abstract. The concept of the plant is more abstract than of rose. We also saw that we couldn’t imagine abstract ideas [1]. Now the question is “how can brain think about abstract ideas?” Let’s imagine that abstract ideas were invisible things around us. […]

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CH1 L11: The possible and impossible

After running away from the tiger [1], when the stress hormones dropped and you felt safe, you’d start to explore the environment and see the following thing [2]: How would you react to it? You should know that in your world, still, everything was possible. So, there’s a chance that the thing you’d seen before, had moved to the new […]

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Ch1 L10: A lachrymose detour

To pick up where we left off, our brain had created the supersign of the thing [1] then stored it in the memory. We also learned that a supersign contains the objective and subjective parts which are respectively perceived and conceived [2]. The supersign of the thing is the first and rock-bottom MEANING that our brain has created [3]. So […]

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