CH1 L1: Link to the interview in which Steve Jobs talk about humankind as tool builders

CH1 L2: Link to the classic scene from “The gold rush” in which Chaplin’s friend perceives him as a chicken.

Ch1 L2: Link to the TED talk in which Anil Seth talks about the way we perceive things and our brain gives the best guess.

Ch1 L2: Link to a very interesting video about the Neural network and AI

Ch1 L4: Link to the Wiki page about “A clockwork orange”

Ch1 L4: Link to a TED talk about being hangry

Ch1 L7: Link to Professor Sapolsky’s lectures on behavioral biology

Ch1 L7: Link to the Wiki page about “Perfume: the story of a murderer”

Ch1 L9: Link To Sandra Chapman’s talk about boosting the brain’s productivity

Ch1 L9: Link to Peter Doolittle’s talk about working memory