After years of teaching math and despite being aware of its beauty, elegance and importance, I’ve doubted if math must be a compulsory subject, or if the existing curricula and schools of thought have provided students with the most fruitful and least painful approach to understand mathematics. Because math could be considered a global nemesis with which many students have been traumatized in all corners of the world. That’s why many students dislike or even hate math. When some of my students open up and tell me that they hate math, I acknowledge their suffering but I tell them “If your fingers were burnt, would it be the fire’s fault?

It definitely is not most students’ fault either. They hadn’t been told how to deal with math so they got burnt.

That’s why I decided to share with you my experience in learning and teaching math and I hope that it would make learning math more pleasurable and meaningful. That’s why I started from scratch and accepted the Herculean task to make a smooth and continuous mathematics curriculum in which we’ll go through the hierarchy of concepts and topics step by step; so each concept will be explained after its prerequisite concepts.

My target readers are exactly those whom Einstein and Infeld have described in the preface of “the evolution of physics”: “Whist writing the book we had long discussions as to the characteristics of our idealized reader and worried a good deal about him. We had him making up for a complete lack of any concrete knowledge of physics and mathematics by quite a great number of virtues. We found him interested in physical and philosophical ideas and we were forced to admire the patience with which he struggled through the less interesting and more difficult passages. He realized that in order to understand any page he must have read the preceding ones carefully. He knew that a scientific book, even though popular, must not be read in the same way as a novel.” So, I’d really recommend you to start from the first post if you want to get the best out of this journey.

I know that my ideas or their presentation won’t be perfect, so I do need your feedback and I would highly appreciate it if you could analyze or criticize it. Every comment, either positive or negative, will help me improve the quality of the content.