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Ch1 L16 (why we are reluctant to think)

So far, we’ve discussed that in order to survive, we need to solve problems and due to limited energy, our brain has developed minergie [1] the tendency to spend minimum energy to get things done. Thus, the fastest and least effortful solutions are prioritized. Minergie has formed our reactions in two ways: First of all, it creates habits which are […]

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Ch1 L14: The hierarchy of meanings

In the last post, we opened up the discussion about supersigns as the building blocks of meanings [1] which enable us to show intelligent reactions to our environment and are created before concepts. Example 10: A new-born baby calms down faster when it smells her mom’s scent even coming from a blanket. This simple action signifies that the scent of […]

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CH1 L13: Language and meaning

In the last post, we discovered how a brain can create concepts and hierarchically make them more abstract. The concept of the plant is more abstract than of rose. We also saw that we couldn’t imagine abstract ideas [1]. Now the question is “how can brain think about abstract ideas?” Let’s imagine that abstract ideas were invisible things around us. […]

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