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Ch1 L10: A lachrymose detour

To pick up where we left off, our brain had created the supersign of the thing [1] then stored it in the memory. We also learnt that a supersign contains the objective and subjective parts which are respectively perceived and conceived [2]. The supersign of the thing is the first and rock-bottom MEANING that our brain has created [3]. So […]

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Ch 1 L7: smell, the first step to learn

  Our extremely slow and meticulous analysis of the first experience on the Earth [1] has yet to conclude. So far, we’ve experienced the thing [2], then we realized that our first reaction should be to feel fear [3]. Given the fact that our confidence level is zero [4], we’d go for the flight response; however, it’s very theoretical because, […]

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Fermat's Last Theorem

An attempt to create a mathematical continuum

The Bipolar Writer

James Edgar Skye


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One Project of Life

An attempt to create a mathematical continuum